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who is dwp?

Defined With Purpose was Founded in 2010 by Crysta Marshall. The organization has been based on the principles of self-worth and value. DWP strives to be a leading force in guiding children, teens, women, and men into a purposed-filled life. Through our development as an organization, we have recognized a significant correlation between sexual abuse and the lack of self-worth, purpose, and value in our clients. Pinpointing this has allowed us to pave a way for our organization by developing mentorship programs and workshops that benefit those who have been affected by child molestation and or sexual abuse. Ultimately, the heart of our organization is to help aid in the healing process by reintroducing worth, value, and purpose. None of this could be possible without our people. Here are some of our team members that prepare a safe place for people to experience healing and hope.

MEET our team
Crysta Marshall

Aaron Marshall

mens lead Mentor

Crysta Marshall
founder and womens lead mentor

mentoR & GROUP WORKSHOP coordinator

Seara smith


Kelly Redwine
   DWP Licensed counselor and lead trauma therapist M.S L.P.c 

Joanna Goulding 
Kelly Hughes
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