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Our Services & Workshops

Defined With Purpose is a place of hope and healing. 

By providing specialty services such as our mentorship program and or workshops, we are able to walk alongside our clients. 

We believe that providing a place for individuals to come together in an intimate setting allows them to be able to grow and gain understanding of their value, worth, and purpose- no matter what they have experienced. By creating an intimate environment for our clients- we are able to work through each lesson or topic to overcome the trauma by instilling hope and healing. We also make it personal by applying our own situations and shining a light on it by sharing in a group or individual setting.


Our workshops are the heart and soul of our organization. The workshops provide clients with a fun, relaxed, and open environment that creates a space where they can confront and work through personal issues with the help of our extraordinary mentors.


Each workshop is centered around a lesson and or topic to help our clients grow closer to understanding their self-worth, value, and purpose regardless of the pain or trauma that they have experienced. 


Beyond our workshops we also partner with our parents through support groups.

Along with that, we contribute to the cost of legal fees for families who are unable to afford the cost of these services. 

Lastly, we provide unpaid internships for undergraduate or graduate students who are looking for a hands-on experience with a 501c3 non-profit organization. 

Workshops can be held in an individual, group, or online setting.


Ages 10-14

This 6-week workshop session promotes a healthy sense of self-esteem and purpose. Our mentors break down issues like personal value, and help clients understand confidence as well as their self-worth inside and out.



Ages 15-18

This 6-week workshop encourages clients in having a better understanding of their self-worth and purpose. Our mentors stress the importance of walking with confidence, establishing emotional intelligence and creating positive relationships in their lives.



Ages 5+

As a part of our DWP family, Kelly Hughes and Joanna Goulding 

are licensed professional counselors who specialize in trauma. They have a heart to help those with a history of sexual abuse, while helping to guide our clients to a complete path of restoration.  

The placement into our counseling program in addition to our mentorship program is determined at our initial consultation, along with service fees if they apply. 


Ages 5+

This program is a continuation of our self worth-workshops for clients who are victims of child molestation and sexual abuse. Re-establishing a foundation of value and self-worth helps our clients understand they aren't defined by their trauma, but their strength to overcome it. This program is packaged with Therapy sessions from our Licensed Therapists.

Navigating Sexual Abuse 

The support group focuses on helping loved ones understand sexual abuse and the effects on the victim, navigating the legal process and directing their child to healing. We provide a safe space where people are free to ask the difficult questions and are met with knowledge, compassion, and understanding.

Through our community partnerships, Defined With Purpose is happy to provide pro-bono or discounted legal representation for families who are in need of help in civil suites to keep their loved one safe from ongoing sexual abuse and child molestation.  


For more information, please contact us.  

Internships Available

Defined with Purpose offers 6 week long internships on a semester basis in the fall and the spring.


Our internships are available to any undergraduate and graduate students looking for a hands-on experience with a 501c3 non-profit organization


We offer a variety of options whether you are interested in growing in business administration, social media marketing, or even becoming a mentor.


Please email us with a copy of your resume and cover letter to and include a brief description of your interest in DWP. 

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