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Individual Workshops

Individual workshops are one-on-one mentorship sessions. Throughout these sessions, we match our mentors to a client. This ensures that there is a person to walk alongside our clients as they go through their healing process here at Defined With Purpose. 




Parental Support Group

Defined With Purpose offers parents a safe place to process their emotions, pain, and or effects from past or present experiences. 

We do this by providing a safe environment for our parents to come in community with each other to encourage and uplift one another. 

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AGES 10-14


This 6-week workshop session promotes a healthy sense of self-esteem and purpose. Our mentors break down issues like personal value, and help clients understand confidence as well as their self-worth inside and out.         


AGES 18-40

Whether you are currently in a committed relationship or looking to soon find love, we want to make sure that you are prepared.  This group tackles the issues that relationships following past trauma may bring about, with topics spanning from communication, trust, intimacy and insecurities. 




This program is a continuation of our self worth-workshops for clients who are victims of child molestation and sexual abuse. Re-establishing a foundation of value and self-worth helps our clients understand they aren't defined by their trauma, but their strength to overcome it. This program is packaged with Therapy sessions from our Licensed Therapists.

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group workshops

Group Workshops are coming back and better than ever! On a 6-12 week basis we offer a wide variety of group workshops that help aid in the healing processes for our children, teens, women, and men. These workshops are in an individual, group, or online setting via zoom.

Click the link below to register today or to get more information. 
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